Jenipher’s Coffi


Sweet, with hints of berries and caramel.

More than just good coffee.

The quality of Jenipher’s Coffi has its roots in the soil. Grown by hand from the rich volcanic and fertile soils of Mt Elgon, this coffee is deliciously sweet and fruity. But the soil is under threat, as are the farmers who work hard to produce the coffee.

In this beautiful part of Uganda, farmers are experiencing climate change up close. Floods and mudslides arrive with ever more frequency, washing the precious soil away down the mountain.

Alongside their pursuit of the highest quality coffee, the farmers are also on a mission to protect the soil and the environment.

And we’re doing our best to support them in that mission, by trading on Fairtrade terms and in direct partnership with the farmers.

When you buy Jenipher’s Coffi, you become part of a community of coffee producers and coffee drinkers working together to put people and the planet first.

The perfect cuppa

Jenipher’s Coffi is a versatile coffee, delicious however you prepare it.

Saving the soil

Drinking Jenipher’s Coffi helps the farmers of Mt Elgon restore its precious volcanic soil.

Championing equality

Named after a woman coffee farmer, Jenipher’s Coffi supports women farmers to thrive, not just survive.

25 Million

Tree planting mission

The farmers who produce Jenipher’s Coffi are planting 25 million trees. This is making the region more resilient to flooding and mudslides and helping tackle climate change for all of us.