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Video: From Jenipher’s hands to yours

6th March 2022 Resource

In our latest video, Jenipher leads you through some of the many steps involved in producing quality coffee, sharing just a glimpse of the hard work that goes into producing Jenipher’s Coffi.

From planting the seeds to harvesting and drying the coffee beans in the sun, there’s a lot of work involved with producing quality coffee. Jenipher takes you on a tour of where and how she produces her coffee, and documents how climate change is threatening her way of life.


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Popping up in Porthcawl

Join us in Porthcawl for a cup of coffee that does more than just warm your hands. We can’t wait to welcome you, to share stories over a delicious cuppa – and perhaps a Welsh cake – or two. 


A coffee challenge for young entrepreneurs

We’re launching a new challenge to give young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills by getting involved with the Jenipher’s Coffi community.


Farmer. Leader. Fighter.

Read Jenipher’s speech, spoken during COP26’s gender day, showcasing the power of Fairtrade in lifting women.